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Gardens for the Soul

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012
Latymer, The Mediterranean Gardener

"The Mediterranean Gardener" by Hugo Latymer (1990, 1st edition) offers ideas for bringing a southern European feel to your garden or terrace.

I confess.  I’m a bookseller whose hands are often dirty.  Yes, I’m a gardener.  Therefore, my bookstore has an abundance of books and periodicals related to gardens, plants, and nature.

To me, gardening is a creative act that connects us with the rhythms of the seasons and the natural world. It reminds us that we are creators as well as created.

There is little to compare with a freshly picked tomato warm from the sun.  Unless perhaps an old-fashioned rose, heavy with fragrance.  Or herbs to heal and to season our food.  Or a well established water garden where koi swim dreamily among the plants.

Vegetables, flowers, herbs, water gardens – it matters not. The act of making things grow and tending them is what counts.

Come and search Cat’s Cradle Books to cultivate your own soul garden.